Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm baaaaack and ready to wander!

Been so long...but I'm back. It's been a busy time, getting my millenial on her way to adulthood. It's like when she first learned to walk, couldn't carry her because I knew she needed to learn how to balance when she wobbled so I had to stand back, with a ready hand to stable her when she needed it. Still in the wings as she navigates her destiny but I can finally get back to my other baby, this blog!!

Big plans for wandering this year and I'll share more later. Can't think of a better way to relaunch than by celebrating Passport Day in the U.S.A. Taking a tour today to see how passports are made. I have mine but still thought it'd be cool to see. You got yours? Ready to travel? I am.

Off to wander but I'll be back to write!

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